Soul Sovereignty & Purpose Activation

We are now living in a time of radical transformation and change, as veils are lifted and truths continue to be revealed, both personally and collectively.
Covid, lockdowns, restrictions. How do we find our way through? How do we step into the life our soul wants us to live?
For most of us in our personal journeys, 2020 shook us to our core and made sure we got into the depths of our unhealed trauma. Some of the pain we've had to feel and endure has no words to get close to the experience. The intensity and difficulty of the pain and suffering, it tares us to pieces. Sigh.... Sometimes, there's just no other way. As brutally hard as it is. I want you to know, I see you, and I feel you.
As we step into this year, one of the key themes for many of us on the path is about soul sovereignty. How we take our lives forward and come to align with the highest expressions of soul. We know we chose to incarnate on earth at this time to do something remarkable, our mission is important. Do you feel this? I know I do!
Stepping into our power, purpose and sovereignty is a herculean effort, as we work through the many layers of the lower self and face and heal some of the darkest/heaviest parts of the mind and heart. Unhealed trauma has to be healed and cleared before we can truly step up and give our gifts. It's a big ask but, it's what we came here to do.
I can feel sooooo many of us getting ready to step into this new way of being and living. If you are reading this, chances are you are here to help others to rise up out of surviving and into thriving, heeding the call of their soul and to start giving their gifts.
If there was ever a year to do it, this is it! The mountain climb has been so hard at times, but the sunlight is close and I know you can feel it.
If you are a healer, way-shower, creative or intuitive and you're purging, healing, clearing the past and getting ready to step into your sovereignty, I'm here to help you move through the cloud cover and start feeling that sunlight and to do what your soul most wants you to do in this lifetime.
These sessions are designed to help you activate your true nature as a sovereign being. This is done in the zero point / unified field. As we step further and further into 5D, time becomes more and more irrelevant. As we activate the relevant DNA, codes and anchor points within your 5D blueprint, you are switched on in this new paradigm, and ready to guide others to do the same.
This is your activation, your stepping up to live your soul's truth and living the life your soul has been calling you towards. When booking a session, be prepared for instant changes occurring outside of time. As you switch on, you'll be switching other people on too. What a beautiful thing to be doing on planet earth. Let's go!
For reference, focal areas of healing and clearing that we visit during the sessions:
Trauma: Childhood, ancestral and past life - accelerating the healing and purging process.
Relationships, empaths and narcissism - understanding and integrating our healing/lessons in this key area.
Your operating system: The dissolving of old ways of working and operating, as your new operating system boots up.
Addictions: Coming to terms with, owning and healing our addictions so they no longer run us.
Depression and anxiety: Alchemising these hugely debilitating conditions, turning them into your greatest gifts for helping others.
When will I be enough: Giving our unique gifts has nothing to do with being perfect and everything to do with being real.
Raising the vibe: Energy, vibration and frequency - the language to live by in 2021 and beyond.
Forgiveness: In what may seem like the darkest of times, using this area of spirituality to transform the way you feel about and experience yourself and the world.
For more information, please make contact prior to booking.