The Holding Space




Sometimes, we just want to be held. To be met, seen and understood. To be listened to, to be witnessed, to be fully acknowledged.

In a world geared towards quick fixes and distractions from our problems, it's all too easy to divert. When often, we just need someone to hold space and really be there for us. This is something that is so lacking from society, and I offer it here.

This is what the holding space is all about. It is a loving invitation to come and be held. Usually, this is where I hold the energetic space for someone, in sacred and loving space, so that they can drop, and be real, raw and vulnerable, knowing they are completely safe at all times.

This process can also take place as a physical holding, which is optional. The intent and energetic process is the same, although people usually feel more in the physical holding, because the physical layer carries much weight for most of us in the mind.

Quite simply, come and be held, met, seen, appreciated, validated and deeply understood. In safety and in love, we hold space.

Use the contact page for any questions prior to booking.