2020: A tough nut we had to crack

2020 saw some of the toughest lessons and shifts in consciousness for many of us. Here, I wanted to summarise the key themes and areas of growth and transformation:
Surely our biggest teachers. Sometimes they carve us wide open and our hearts get smashed to pieces. So many lessons to learn during these times. It’s not all bad though, right? Some of it, truly beautiful and life-changing even? And it’s important to keep perspective, and take the rough with the smooth. With time, our hearts become diamonds. This is part of what we came here to master. We learn, in safety, to become more and more vulnerable and real, which paradoxically makes us more and more invulnerable, untouchable and sovereign. As we master the relationship with the self, all our other relationships reflect this state of being. So we know where the work is, don’t we? To love and be-loved, definitely something we came here to master. Oh ps, it’s our birthright too.
Childhood, ancestral, past lives. These unhealed parts of us just keep on coming up for healing don’t they. There’s no getting around that, no way out but through. Unpacking and unravelling our trauma is a herculean effort for most and takes great courage. We came here to do this though. And we are doing it. This is true liberating work, and we are healing so much not only for ourselves and our families, but our ancestors too. But yes, it ain’t easy! Huge work, and I see you.
I’ve been both. Have you? Eeek. And yes, I made others the target of my upset, until I realised they were just mirroring back to me what was unhealed in myself. The way this happened though and the amount of pain necessary for me to get the message, blimey… If that’s not a catalyst for mastering lessons, I don’t’ know what is. Oh hello – all my trauma staring back at me and making sure I look at it and heal it.
What remains trapped in our energy fields continues to rule our lives. So we gotta dive deep down in there and get at it. Sometimes we can do this by ourselves, sometimes we need help. But, it’s essential if we want to be free and happy. It’s a lot of work for most, but in the end, it’s very worth it. Fortunately, there are lots of ways and lots of help out there. Ps, I love working in this area with others - so much gold comes from healing in this way. Getting right down into our core and helping to free what has been trapped and stuck for so long. Liberating, life changing, yes!
Finding and sticking to what helps us feel in our bodies, grounded and connected. Yoga, meditation, prayer, breath-work, mindfulness, forgiveness, ceremonies. Whatever we do, we learn to do it consistently, like paying in to a bank every day, we see the benefits over time, we invest in ourselves over time. Also seeking out healing, guidance and mirroring from others who are a good vibration and alignment for us. The best energy exchanges lead to the most empowering, profound, uplifting and life-changing experiences. Sounds good to me!
Tending our garden and finding new and better ways to look after, love and care for ourselves, realising just how important this is, every hour of every day. We become super aware and vigilant with this, and without this being detrimental to others, especially those we are in relationship with… A key area of mastery.
We go through many years of prep to get to a point where we can start embodying our soul’s purpose and to give our gifts. With each step, we get closer. For some it’s like a flower pushing through the concrete and breaking through, for others it’s like someone suddenly turning the light on. However it happens, go with it.
We will always be tested and challenged throughout our lives. Each time we shine our light, there will be opposing forces there to test us. Once we get wise to this, we realise that nothing is working against us, it is merely the nature of duality. And we transcend duality as we climb the mountain home. I understand much better now what it means to be ‘afraid of the dark’. Out of fear, we are reluctant to shine our light, because it does indeed light up the darkness and bring it into our awareness. We get good at this though, meeting the dark with the light. This is also part of why we came here. Each time, despite the difficulty that sometimes comes, we step up into a lighter and freer state of being. This is inevitable on the soul’s journey home.
How many times have we heard this talked about? Yes, as we do the work and go up in the frequencies, we emit more light and carry less heaviness, less ego is present and we better make use of the ego in the positive. Life gets lighter and brighter. It is an upward spiral into a more and more loving and loved experience of life, while still appearing to be in a body. In the spiral though of course, there are many things we have to face many times as we rise up. But without question, rising up we are.
This is what life is all about, right? We should have nothing less than this as our goal, our doctrine, our religion. We all have stuff to work through and sometimes life is so difficult, but I know for sure, this is how it’s going to turn out for all of us on the path. Whatever makes your heart sing and makes you feel alive, whatever liberates you and frees your soul, this is where to gravitate towards, this is what to put your mind, heart, energy and effort into. It’s time to come alive, to thrive, to truly live before we die! (yes okay, we don’t really die but, you get me).
World going through a massive dark night of the soul? Systems collapsing? Chaos in every country? A massive wake-up call going on for soooo many! And so for us way-showers, intuitives, lightworkers etc, this is our time to truly step into our sovereignty. It is our catalyst for giving our gifts, living soulfully and joyfully and shining our light without fear as the sovereign beings we truly are. I see you!
Does this float your boat? Have you had it rough? Are you finding your feet? Are you shining your light? Wherever you find yourself right now, it's an honour to walk with you.
Beautiful, activating, expansive sovereign souls I see. 👀
2021, together, we rise. 🤗🥰💥🥳
~Tim York

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