Hello. I'm Tim. I've operated The York Method since 2020. I'm passionate about making the world a better place and transforming the way we live and work. I love making connections with people on the same page and helping to guide and support people from all walks of life when they need it.

I have a long background in coaching, intuitive readings and healing sessions. I actively seek out those of similar background who have a deep desire to do more and to play their part in effecting real change in the world.

I particularly enjoy content creation and talking about the stuff that matters in our personal lives and in the world at large.

If you are here to make a difference and want to play your part, perhaps even to change lives, if you have an open mind and you're a free thinker, if you care about what you do in the world and the impact it has, whatever walk of life or profession you find yourself in, then you're in very good company here.

I work with people from all walks of life and do not discriminate in any way. In all the work I do, an individual's or business' rights are fully protected at all times. I care about the people I work with, and whatever their needs may be, I'm dedicated to walking with them and helping them create lasting change.

The pages on this site give the headlines and most times a breakdown of what's available, but if you can't see exactly what you're looking for, please ask.

Thank you for being here as we walk the journey home.

~ Tim York