Alchemy: The pathway of awakening

As we move through life.
We step on the white keys.
And we're conditioned to avoid the black ones.
We come to understand that,
The black keys have their gifts too.
Planet earth isn't all peace and rainbows,
Sometimes it's pain and suffering too.
As we learn to accept the good in the bad,
And the bad in the good.
We begin to understand the process,
Of Alchemy.
When we're willing to look deep inside ourselves,
And see all of the bad and all of the good.
To truly get in touch with our core.
To meet, see, feel and understand the brightest light,
And the darkest dark.
For then we are not running from ourselves anymore.
We learn to accept ourselves fully and completely.
Through alchemy, we transcend and transform.
We use this process to heal and to grow.
Those who look within and dive deep,
Are sure to face many horrors.
But I promise you, if you see it through,
A treasure trove of the gold within you,
Is waiting for you to find it.
A liberated, free and happy heart is your birthright.
Dive deep, and find your gold.

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