About Tim York


We are are reaching a time where we don't need gurus any more. We need real people who are living the range of experiences of the soul, who through their journey which is often about suffering and difficulty, grow to a point of truly being able to help others via their experience and all that has been learned and opened up to.

The path to true love for oneself and for the world, has many thorns and challenges to master. This is the transitional, transcendental pathway of alchemy which takes us from surviving to thriving.

Most of my work with others is based in the emotions, truly meeting, feeling and owning them, and through your process, becoming free of them. Primarily, I help people firstly heal their trauma (childhood, ancestral, past life). Secondly, I help people step into their sovereignty and authentic self and give their gifts, accessing and channeling their unique sou'ls expression. Some of what I offer is available at distance, while everything is available in person.

Usually we require multiple access routes into the core of our being, into our feelings and our wounding, in order to have transformational healing and growth. To start stepping or step further into our power and our sovereignty. This is why I like to offer people a range of options. Because everyone is different. But guaranteed, investment in ourselves and commitment to embodying our soul's purpose in this lifetime, it brings our gold. 

Embodying our deepest truths and living the highest expression of our soul. This is what it means to be alive, to truly thrive.

Together, let's make the journey.. We are here to help the world awaken.