Bodywork Trauma Contact Sessions


Have you experienced one or more painful traumas in this lifetime?

Do you feel the impact and weight of these experiences still influencing your life at this time?

Do you notice these problems both in the world around you and also in your physical body as well as your mental spheres / thought processes?

Are you tired of the medical establishment and conventional practices not giving you the help you need and really getting to the roots of your problems?

If so, the trauma contact and healing sessions may be for you...


The trauma contact sessions are geared for those who's lives are being heavily impacted by deep-seated traumas that prevent them from being able to function in life. This is usually intensive, seismic and cathartic work, designed to liberate those who are suffering greatly.

The sessions are usually in person, although distance sessions are also possible. In the session, we journey together to the locations within the body where the trauma energy is stored. We then use various techniques, including sacred touch, psychic surgery and energy healing, to support the accessing, facing, meeting and dissolving of these energy blocks/holds.

Due to the very emotional (energy in motion) nature of this work, space setting and clearing, and also holding the light in sacred space is paramount at all times. This pathway is a deep exploration and clearing of energy and emotion stored deep with in the body and mind. It is a journey to our core, to the radiant beauty of who we really are, and a deep loving and dissolving of anything that keeps us from our true selves, from the love that we are.


Use the contact page for any questions prior to booking.