Bodywork Trauma Healing Intensive Program


This program is designed specifically for those who deal with debilitating emotional/mental and also physical pain, which may not be resolved by more conventional or medical practices. The weekly sessions are structured to facilitate maximum transformation and healing over the program time period and beyond.
The program is offered over 8 weeks (x8 weekly sessions, minimum 90 mins duration). Just like with the sessions, it is for those who's lives are being heavily impacted by deep-seated traumas that prevent them from being able to live a balance and centered life.
This work takes you into the core of your being to finally meet and access the major traumas and rigid stuck emotions that have been causing so much difficulty in your life.
Various modalities are used including somatics as well as energy healing and psychic surgery.
This is usually intensive, seismic and cathartic work, designed to liberate those who have been suffering for a long time. Please make contact to discuss suitability before booking. Once again this is very deep work and I can only offer it to people who are at the right point in their healing journey for this level work/healing/liberation.
See below for the detail on this pathway and to book the program.
Use the contact page for any questions prior to booking.