Trauma Contact Healing Pathway



Have you experienced one or more painful traumas in this lifetime?

Do you feel the impact and weight of these experiences still influencing your life at this time?

Do you notice these problems both in the world around you and also in your physical body as well as your mental spheres / thought processes?

Are you tired of the medical establishment and conventional practices not giving you the help you need and really getting to the roots of your problems?

If so, the trauma contact and healing pathway may be for you...

The healing of the body and mind. This is a life-long quest for most people. To bring both of these into balance, into presence, harmony and peace.

So, how do we get there? We can do our own internal enquiry and journeying. The desire and determination to look within, to uncover, to understand, to meet and face, to process, and ultimately to heal, resolve and dissolve. We can seek out others to help us a while as we walk our healing path, to walk with us and lighten the load, to shed some extra light (and love) when we need it.

Importantly however, there's no such thing as vicarious salvation. No one else can save us, and so we learn that it has to come from within. For any 'healer' you may choose to work with, this should be held in awareness throughout. Though accessing those deeper parts of you is sometimes a challenge, getting to the point where you can start to feel your own power and worth, and to head further in this direction as you heal and grow, well that's what it's really all about.

Part of this work, for most people, nearly always involves accessing/making contact with our traumas buried within. With the right preparation and in the correct setting, trauma contact is enabled in such a way, that great understanding, insight and meeting of wounded aspects of the self is possible. You are held, met and understood, so deeply and lovingly and with complete non-judgement, so that the mind and body feel safe enough to do this deep, sometimes difficult but ultimately very empowering work.

Sessions for both Transformative Healing and Trauma Contact are offered. The healing sessions are geared towards those who may already already have found useful pathways and who seek different forms of healing in mind and body that will complement the work they are already doing. They are also suitable for those who are already in touch with their own hearts/power, but may have fallen off the horse for a while.

The trauma contact sessions are geared for those who's lives are being heavily impacted by deep-seated traumas that prevent them from being able to function in life. This is usually intensive, seismic and cathartic work, designed to liberate those who are suffering greatly in the most expedient ways possible. Note there is usually some cross over between the two modalities.


Sessions: $350 (90 mins) / Intensive Program: $2600 (8 weeks)


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