In2MeSee Soul Mirroring Sessions


Are you seeking connection?

Are you wanting to know connection and intimacy to deeper levels?

Connection. Take a moment to soak up that word. It is connection that we all seek through life. We are programmed to seek this usually via another person. Little do we realise, usually for most of our lives, that it is connection with ourselves that we are seeking. We seek outside ourselves for what can only be found within. When we meet another person and they come into our life, they mirror back to us that in ourselves which we are ready to see and experience. It is a mirroring of the soul, reflected back.

In the soul mirroring sessions, I offer myself as a mirror for your soul. There are so many ways to do this - through soul-deep conversation, eye gazing, somatic bodywork, massage, using pressure points, just as a few examples. 

If you are seeking to experience a soul-deep level of connection with yourself, I humbly offer myself as a mirror, to support your growth in connection to yourself and to all that is.

This modality also encourages connection with the world outside of our bodies, to increase our connectivity with the world around us.

It is an invitation to deepen your connection and the feeling and experience of interconnectedness with all life.

Some questions I often ask people who choose this pathway:

Have you struggled through life in accessing and expressing your sexuality or creativity?

Have you met many challenges in this area, especially in relationships or in having the right relationships?

Do you feel stifled and that you are unable to embody your sexuality and your creative center?

Or do you feel cut off from your sexuality/creativity and like a part of you is missing?

Have you suffered trauma in this area in the form of either emotional or physical abuse?

In2MeSee is a healing and discovery modality, that supports you in increasing your connection with yourself and with life. Reaching this place within and reconnecting with this part of yourself can be a powerful process, though it can often be a challenging, as the blocks to this part of you are faced and removed, liberation is often the result.

For each session, sacred space and energetic cleansing are essential and are always the first priority. This ensures optimum safety, comfort and well-being before each session begins. The sessions involve various activities that enable you to more deeply connect with and work with your creative/sexual energy. Further details are provided upon request. A wrap-up process is performed at the end of each session to ensure the healing and energy/mind/body shifts are properly integrated into the receiver before they leave the space.

In2MeSee is an invitation to dive-deep, to reach a new level of connection with yourself and with the world. As the world continues to wake up, it's my hope that lots more people will choose to access this pathway of radical healing and empowerment.

Use the contact page for any questions prior to booking.