Soul Healing Intensive Program


This program is designed specifically for those who are faced with seemingly unresolvable issues in their lives which have been playing out over and over again in various forms (relationships, jobs, friendships, money problems etc). The weekly sessions are structured to facilitate maximum transformation and healing over the program time period and beyond.
The program is offered over 8 weeks (x8 weekly sessions, minimum 60 mins duration). It is for those who's lives are being heavily impacted by karmic energy that is still playing out and not seen, met or understood, preventing them from being able to live a balance and centered life. This is usually intensive, seismic and cathartic work, designed to bring you to a point of releasing of these old bonds and ties that have been weighing you down for so long.
The work fosters the acceleration of your karmic clearing process, and brings you to a place of increased understanding, forgiveness and peace of mind.
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