Mental Health




We've heard this term referenced so many times over the years. The health services around the world have barely been scratching at the surface when it comes to the suffering endured by so many millions of people.

And now with the world currently brought to it's knees by a virus, seemingly, many millions of people are being forced to deal with levels of hardship they've never known before.

At the start of 2021, the mental health of the human being is being impacted on all sides by what it is subjected to on a daily basis. This assault on the mind comes mainly via the fear programming we are born into, and it shows up in just about every area of our lives. Whether it's about work, money, relationships, health, our environment, our home, friendships, our local and global communities, the list goes on and on.

The point here, is that the system to which we've been born into is failing and dissolving in front of our eyes, and something new must therefore emerge in it's place. This requires each of us to undergo and disconnect, unplug, purge and release from all that we have been plumbed into. For our minds, this process can be terrifying, overwhelming and painful. Often people become very cut off and disconnected from the world while they undergo this transition.

The good news is, a new world is dawning and each of us is undergoing a transformation, and each of us has our own unique journey and way of processing this experience.

In the sessions I offer, this is one of the central themes that I often use to support people through their process. A suffering and pained mind is something I've lived with for most of my life, and as I continue to make my way through this transition, I'm here to support you through yours, too.

If you are suffering with mental health issues and you are seeking a holistic approach to transitioning from crisis and suffering to wellness and ease, I'm here to support you.

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