Relationship Transformation DM/DF Pathway



Are you struggling with one or more relationships in your life?

Has this been a recurring theme that seems to keep bringing you the same challenges in different forms?

Are you tired of repeating the same experiences and want lasting change?

Would you like your relationships to be less dramatic and difficult, and more harmonious and uplifting?

Are you tired of conventional counseling that doesn't really do much to offer solutions or help you change / improve your situation?

If so, the Relationship Transformation Pathway may be for you...


Ah, relationships! Surely one of the most beautiful / breath-taking and yet challenging / sometimes painful aspects of the human experience.

It is often said that we learn more through our relationships with others than via any other type of experience available to us.

Whether romantic, parental, sibling, friendship, professional or otherwise, all the relationships we have will offer us so much during the course of our lives.

Often, our relationships are incredibly challenging, and that can be seen as unjust and unfair. Really though, our relationships are there primarily to help us learn about ourselves, they foster growth and change from within, as we come to better understand ourselves. We learn how to claim our power and to live from a space of love in our hearts, which is then reflected in our outer world.

Getting to that point though, can seem impossible, especially if we feel bogged down in the same repeating patterns, lost in situations and feelings that never seem to get resolved. We repeat the same patterns, as we struggle to understand why we attract certain situations and people over and over.

Relationship Transformation is a pathway specifically aimed at helping people transcend their relationships, by better understanding who they are on the inside, and what lessons they have chosen to master in this lifetime. When we can make sense of and master these lessons, we no longer need to repeat them. There is such great freedom to be found in mastering this aspect of the self.

If you are looking to radically change and transform this aspect of your life for the better, consider taking this pathway. See below for the sessions and course available.


Sessions: $210 (1hr) / Course: $2200 (8 weeks)


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