Relationship DM/DF Power Sessions


Are you struggling with one or more relationships in your life?

Has this been a recurring theme that seems to keep bringing you the same challenges in different forms?

Are you tired of repeating the same experiences and want lasting change?

Would you like your relationships to be less dramatic and difficult, and more harmonious and uplifting?

Are you tired of conventional counseling that doesn't really do much to offer solutions or help you change / improve your situation?

If so, the Relationship Transformation Pathway may be for you...

Relationship Transformation is a pathway specifically aimed at helping people transcend their relationships, by better understanding who they are on the inside, and what lessons they have chosen to master in this lifetime. When we can make sense of and master these lessons, we no longer need to repeat them. There is such great freedom to be found in mastering this aspect of the self.
In the sessions, we dive deep into your relationships, understanding your current issues and then mapping all the threads through your life that have brought you to this point in time. Once the root causes of you problems are identified, we then bring in various channels and healing modalities to assist in clearing the energy threads and holds that have kept these same problems presenting to you time and again.
This is where the rubber meets the road - in the work we do here, you can be sure that your future relationships will be different, and life will look and feel brighter, lighter and happier as a result.
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$110 / $210