Sacred Sexuality Empowerment Pathway



Have you struggled through life in accessing and expressing your sexuality?

Have you met many challenges in this area, especially in relationships or in having the right relationships?

Do you feel stifled and that you are unable to embody the potent sexual energy that lies within you?

Or do you feel cut off from your sexuality and like a part of you is missing?

Have you suffered trauma in this area in the form of either emotional or physical abuse?

If so, this pathway could be for you...

Our sexual energy, or sexual soul fire as some like to call it, is one of our most powerful driving forces. When accessed and utilised in the right ways, it can enable profound healing and some pretty incredible experiences.

In the world we live in however, it is so often abused or shut down, usually by others (in various ways) and then by ourselves in order to try and cope with what we've experienced.

Certainly in most societies, this key aspect of our nature and being is usually ignored, dismissed and shut down from a young age. Some look at this as a travesty, because it cuts us off from a key part of the human experience and an important, fundamental part of our journey of inner discovery and awakening, which then leads on to mastery of the self as we grow up.

Others view this as simply part of growing up in the modern world and that "it's just how it is". Usually because they've not yet looked at this part of themselves or understood it's importance. Once again, from a young age, most of us are taught/programmed to operate from our logical mind only. This of course, cuts us off from our feelings and our hearts, and therefore the power of our sexual energy too.

Sacred Sexuality Empowerment is a healing and discovery modality, that helps you to access this energy within. Reaching this place within and reconnecting with this part of yourself is a powerful healing process, though it can often be a challenging process as the blocks to this part of you are faced and removed, it definitely leads to liberation, and quickly.

Sacred space and energetic cleansing are essential for this type of work and are always the first priority. This ensures optimum safety, comfort and well-being before each session begins. A similar wrap-up process is performed at the end of each session to ensure the healing and energy/mind/body shifts are properly integrated into the receiver before they leave the space.

Once you begin to access and make use of this powerful energy within, truly miraculous and life-changing experiences are the result. Opening yourself to this pathway is a bold and brave step, but it really does liberate the heart and mind, and that's such a beautiful thing. As the world continues to wake up, it's my hope that lots more people will choose to access this pathway of radical healing and empowerment.

Sessions and Programs are both available, either by video/audio call or in-person. The in-person option is recommended for the fullest healing and empowerment experience.


Sessions: $370 (90 mins) / Program: $2800 (8 weeks)


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