Soul Coaching & Alignment Pathway

Do you feel a calling to do much more with your life?
Do you feel that you came here to do something important, something magical, something that lights you up and where you feel super passionate and inspired?
Are you feeling stifled or undervalued in your current work or activities?
Are you feeling close to the point of taking steps in new directions towards the life that you were ultimately meant to live?
If your answer is yes to these questions, then the soul alignment sessions could be for you.
Each of us comes to this planet for lots of reasons. Some are specific and like milestones, whereas other aspects are more optional.
You are probably reading this because you have been hearing your soul gently calling you for a while, and you're seeking the right ways to make those steps closer to what you are hearing and feeling.
One of the secrets to doing this, is in learning how to make the changes on the inside, where your heart, right-minded thinking and inspiration (in-spirit) lead the way, rather than the process being completely logical and left-brained.
Another is the use of 'Life Mapping', where we journey together through the many aspects of your psyche to understand how important each area of life is for you. Everyone is different and especially so in terms of the various components of their life. When working with this modality, understanding what you truly need and where you are currently, creates the bridge for change.
We need our logical mind and our ego, of course we do! But, they often trip us up before we get going at all, and so learning how to create a healthy balance is important.
In both the coaching sessions and the alignment programs, the approach is first to help you tune in to what your soul is saying about you, your gifts, what you're really passionate about and you know is important to do during this lifetime. Once we've got this clear, we then get to work on gently and lovingly working through and dissolving everything that is in the way.
Let's get down into the depths of your soul, your gold awaits!
Sessions: $210 (1hr) / Program: $1500 (8 weeks) / Intensive Program: $2600 (8 weeks)

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