Supporting Men




As a man, do you often suffer in silence?

Have you suffered with varying levels of anxiety and depression over the long term?

Have these conditions impacted your personal and professional life?

Do you experience repeating difficulties either in relationships, at work, or both?

Are you struggling to get the help you need from conventional health services? 

Do you find it hard to reach out because you've always been told or it has been made clear that you must stay strong and this is something you must deal with yourself, internally?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you and I probably have a fair bit in common. I have lived much of my life cut off from people, sad, lonely and depressed, feeling like I had to deal with it all myself. This is not how we are supposed to live.

In the western world, men are often taught and programmed to hide their emotions and not to talk about their problems. The result of this, ultimately, is that suicide is the top cause of death globally, in men aged under 45. And the highest suicide rate is for men aged 45-49.

This has to change. I am here to help those men who are guided to contact me. Finding our way out of this often dark, heavy and lonely place is daunting and even seemingly impossible. But, you are not alone, I promise, and there is help. Life can really change with the right support and guidance.

This initiative feeds into the other pathways and modalities that I offer on this website. It starts with having a chat, in safe space, simply to be heard, met, seen and understood. There are many routes to take once we've been talking for a while. It's all at your pace, and I tailor sessions to suit you. Every man is different.

I'm here for a chat, and the rest, well, let's see.

For more information about this initiative, please make contact.