The Great Awakening




What a time to be alive on planet earth.

We are witnessing, and indeed we are a part of one of the greatest times of awakening for humanity.

So what does awakening mean? - It is the waking up of each of our minds, and the collective mind, to greater awareness, greater consciousness, more freedom, happiness, joy and contentment from within. To a larger, more connected and more vibrant and healthy experience of life as a human being.

But, as we are seeing, this is often not a pleasant process much of the time. It involves the uncovering and illuminating of the darkest and heaviest parts of the psyche, both personal, and collective.

In the collective psyche, globally, it's easy to see just how much fear, confusion and panic is present, and why we find ourselves in the current situation. From my perspective, most of the change we need has to happen on the inside of each person. It is an internal transition and transformation, which takes place in the minds of each of us.

As we do this inner work, we reach critical mass milestones in terms of our collective consciousness and awareness, and it is then that we see shifts and changes take place in our outer worlds, and sometimes on the world stage too.

I offer myself to support you through this process of inner work. Gritty, difficult, painful and cathartic as it often is, over time it does pay off and is indeed worth it. But there's no magic pill or quick fix. I offer myself to walk with you through the valley of the shadows, each time with some of the heavier parts of you healed and dissolved, and more light more present and brightening the view. The garden of Eden is there in view, and we are making our way now. Trust in that process, as we walk each other home.

The great awakening is upon us, and there's no turning back. We are helping to dawn and give birth to a new age for humanity, and it is within the depths of YOU, within each of US, where this change is happening.

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