Transformative Healing Sessions



Have you experienced one or more painful traumas in this lifetime?

Do you feel the impact and weight of these experiences still influencing your life at this time?

Do you notice these problems both in the world around you and also in your physical body as well as your mental spheres / thought processes?

Are you tired of the medical establishment and conventional practices not giving you the help you need and really getting to the roots of your problems?

Are you feeling a calling from within to seek out a healing modality that has the power to transform your mind and body from the inside out?

These healing sessions are geared towards those who may already already have found useful pathways or those who seek different forms of healing in mind and body that will complement the work they may already be doing. They are also suitable for those who are already in touch with their own hearts/power, but are now ready to go deeper into the healing space.
In each session, we journey deep into the mind and body to identify the blocks and holds that have been impacting your daily life. Once each block is seen, met by the self, understood and loved, these energy holds and associated threads can then start to dissolve.
This is powerful and usually emotional (energy in motion) work, and the resulting shifts both internally in your body/mind and externally in your outer world, are usually seen quickly.
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